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Easy Phone is a new simple interface for touch screen phones,
optimized for old people and seniors.

Easy Phone is now KoalaPhone! www.koalaphone.com
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Most phones have a touch screen display,
but their interface is very difficult to use for old people.

Seniors have eye & vision problems, but they do not feel old yet!
They want to be active, communicate with friends, use a camera.

Easy Phone is optimized for simple touch input.
All items are large, contacts have photos.

The interface is based on a research in CTU in Prague
and on many usability tests with old people.

Easy Phone looks like a classic feature phone.
Lists of contacts, messages and applications are enlarged.

It completely replaces system panels and notifications.

Interface is very smooth, animated and fully
accelerated on a GPU.

Easy Phone is now KoalaPhone! www.koalaphone.com

Tomáš Slavíček, Josef Slavíček
support [at] tomasslavicek.cz

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See it in action!

Easy Phone has very nice and smooth animations. See it in action on this and this video on youtube.

Research behind this interface

We have performed a qualitative and a quantitative research how old people use their phones, identified their capabilities and summarized recommended accessibility guidelines. We have designed the prototype, tested it and did an empiric evaluation: download the Master's thesis (20 MB)

Master's thesis

UX Monday presentation

Slides from the UX Monday talk, Easy Phone - The smartphone for seniors
(in Czech language).